EVCOM and Event ROI Institute Training Partnership Agreement

EVCOM and Event ROI Institute Training Partnership Agreement

EVCOM adds ROI to its training programme which is offered to members and non-members alike. An agreement with Event ROI Institute means that EVCOM will run the regular two-day ROI skills training programmes in the UK.

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“It is hard to think of something more important than the ability to maximise and prove ROI” says EVCOM CEO Marco Forgione. “This is what gives our industry credibility and the foundation for sustainable growth. Our customers are increasingly viewing events as investments in their organisations and markets rather than just an expense, and investments require accountability for their financial return.”

Event ROI Institute has provided training programmes in the UK and a dozen other European countries for nearly 10 years, and already has a dedicated group of practitioners of the ROI Methodology.

EVCOM member Top Banana focuses on making sure its events work, using the ROI methodology is a key part of their approach, CEO Nick Terry is convinced that it pays off. “We invest in training on the ROI Methodology, it is fundamentally sound and applicable to all kinds of events, in particular today when nobody has money to waste. It gives a company like ours a process to demonstrate true value added to our clients.” Top Banana was last year awarded the European Best Events Award (EuBEA) for Best Event Evaluation.

Dr. Elling Hamso, Managing Partner of Event ROI Institute, is very happy with the agreement. “In my view EVCOM is leading the events industry in Europe and their endorsement of the ROI Methodology confirms its status as the industry standard.” 

 The ROI training programme to be offered by EVCOM is a 2-day course followed by 6 months coaching. “In principle, the ROI Methodology is simple”, says Dr. Hamso, “but for many it represents a new mindset to always work backwards from bottom line value, and changing mindsets takes time. The follow-up coaching is therefore an essential part of the training, ensuring the ability to put theory into practice.”

“It is also part of our plan to make the ROI Methodology more accessible through the publication of case studies”, says Forgione, “our aim is to publish a book of case studies within the first year of the agreement.”

The first EVCOM programme is planned for 3-4 September, limited to a maximum of 8 participants.

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Marco Forgione, CEO,
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Event ROI Institute
Dr. Elling Hamso, Managing Partner