European Bea, Jwt Italy on the podium with Heineken.

Jwt Italy goes on the podium of the European Best Event Awards and takes the first prize. After having swept international awards (among them the ten Lions at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival and the NC Awards 2010 in the integrated campaign “Are you still with us?), the event ‘Auditorium’ wins the Golden Elephant for best European creativity. To announce it, under the spotlight of the Bea Expo Festival, the two sparkling DJs Kris&Kris, who did the honors at the prestigious Spazio Eventiquattro of Milan (headquarters of the 24 Ore group), where the gala dedicated to the event industry and signed by the ADC Group is underway.

This year, Salvatore Sagone, president of the ADC Group, created for the award a new format, which combines the moment of celebration with an opportunity for training in order to establish the European benchmark and understand the latest trends. This is all thanks to the presentation of the projects by the winners themselves. With the participation of over 30 international agencies coming from 11 European countries and numerous companies from different sectors, the top three Elephant awards were given during the ceremony (Gold, Silver, Bronze), awards by typology, excellence and special awards for a total of 31 awards.

1st place.jpgAs anticipated, the Golden Elephant at the European Bea 2010 went to ‘Auditorium’ by Jwt Italy for the client Heineken. An Italian event, in the Unconventional Event and low budget (less than 50.000 euro) categories. A truly ‘unconventional’ creative idea that for its disruptive character, turned heads even outside of Italy, thanks to a mass viral diffusion on the web. During the much-anticipated game of the Champion’s League, on October 21,
2009, a classical music concert was organized at the Auditorium of Milan, which was attended by over 1.000 people, unaware of the ‘trap’ and driven by accomplices, partners and friends. ‘Trap’ because, surprisingly, after a few minutes of the concert, the game itself was projected on the screens of the Auditorium, with the slogan ‘Are you still with us?”.

2nd place.jpgThe Silver Elephant went to ‘Swisscom Urban Hacking’, an event by the German agency Vok Dams for the client Swisscom, an agency active in the communication sector. The event, also one in the Unconventional Event category, took place at the station of Zurich last February 11th in conjunction with the Vancouver Winter Olympics: one hundred actors, in the wake of the slogan ‘United for Switzerland’, suddenly appeared in the crowd, chose passersby, cheered them on as sports champions and gave them a trophies. Swisscom, sponsor of the Swiss-Ski athletes, with this event wanted to promote a sense of ‘Swissness’. The video was uploaded on YouTube the next day, gathering 160.000 clicks.

3rd place.jpgIn third place on the podium for the European Bea, another German agency, phocus brand contact, that realized, for the top management and employees of Siemens, a moving awards ceremony for the top company performers. The event, ‘Siemens Top + award 2009’, wanted at the same time to reward, inform and amaze the 1.250 participants, for whom the leitmotif ‘Heroes’ was created. The entire event, also from a scenographic point of view, was constructed around the nominees of the company awards. A ninety minute show on a spectacular stage, with artists and performers closed in transparent cubes and with the winners directly on stage.

The fifth edition of the European Best Event Awards saw the participation of 91 events, +38% with respect to the 2009 edition. Of these, 46 entered the short list. Eleven countries competing; with Austria and the Netherlands being new entries. Carlo Hermes, an expert in corporate communication and a consultant of Ceremonies and Events for the Eni Group, led the European jury, which met in Milan last October 4th.