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Cvent Attendee Hub

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Using web & app-based technologies, the Cvent Attendee Hub powers the attendee experience & drives engagement across all event types, sizes, & formats – virtual, in-person, or hybrid through robust personalization functionality, content discovery tools, & networking solutions.

In today’s more dynamic event landscape where organizations want to leverage a smart mix of in-person, virtual, & hybrid events to maximize their event program impact, the Attendee Hub offers one platform to manage it all.?

Key elements include:

Cvent Studio to create professional-level production on session content

An engaging web experience with live streams, pre-recorded sessions, or video on-demand

A fully integrated, native mobile app allowing attendees to easily navigate content, stay informed, & engage with other attendees – whether they’re attending in-person, online, or anywhere in between.

1:1 Appointments feature to link attendees with similar interests & empower them to connect and network.