BDR Thermea Group – ISH digital platform
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BDR Thermea Group – ISH digital platform


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BDR Thermea Group, the heating system multinational giant, collaborated with Jack Morton to design an entirely new, visually striking hybrid brand experience. A series of 3D brand worlds populated with products, solutions and insights, designed to captivate the audience. And – most importantly – to communicate with users and customers personally and live at any time.

Made of three different worlds, it allowed the visitors to intuitively explore key industry topics while offering insights from a studio, that was live daily. The studio, a 270 degrees virtual XR News Room, included a strong and sophisticated broadcast package with live interviews, Augmented Reality presentations and Q&A sessions, in order to instantly address evolving topics and customer questions. The hybrid mix, combining both worlds in a visually arresting, distinctive and coherent manner, resulted in a unique and highly dynamic experience, always feeling fresh and surprising.