The Swedish Armed Forces pride event

The Swedish Armed Forces pride event

Client company:
The Swedish Armed Forces
Organising company:
BANG Agency

The Event

BANG organized a creative concept for The Swedish Armed Forces’ participation in Stockholm Pride Week with the main objective of showing that they stand up for all people’s equal value and rights.

We created an inclusive and responsive experience that resonated well with the current world situation and AF’s values and objectives. Our booth stood out by offering a unique, creative, and interactive activity. Many were drawn in by the fun and creative wall-writing opportunity, while others received answers and guidance to their questions. The activation allowed AF to demonstrate its tolerance for diversity, a vital and creative endeavor.

Visitors described the booth as inviting, inclusive, and innovative. The interactive features received much praise, aligning with AF’s commitment to rights, courage, and freedom, all crucial aspects of why they participated in Pride.

Interviews confirmed that AF’s presence were seen as credible and over expectations. The booth’s creative and interactive nature made visitors feel heard and AF’s participation holds significant symbolic value for visitors. It emphasizes the importance of an all-encompassing Swedish defense that embraces diversity.