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The Event

PLESH is a digital platform revolutionizing live event experiences. It assists companies and agencies in managing pre-event participants, engaging audiences during events, and overseeing staff. PLESH includes three components: Winston, 2ndStage, and Sticket.

Winston is the EVENT PLANNER streamlining event organization from save-the-date to final surveys, tailored for event agencies.

2ndStage is the MOBILE PLATFORM with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE that ENGAGES audiences at live events and shows, transforming passive spectators into active participants.

Sticket is the CREW MANAGEMENT software aimed at REDUCING the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT of FOOD WASTE at large events, festivals, and musical tours. It helps reduce operational risks and production costs.

Plesh has been on air for 6,500 hours across 750 projects and has dedicated 20,000 hours to developing innovative solutions for its 300 clients in the field of computer development.