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The Event

Providing a centralised turnkey drinking- and wastewater infrastructure facilitating 150,000 visitors daily at the 4-day festival, MDLBeast Soundstorm. The festival held from December 16 till 19, 2021, in a remote location in the desert of Riyadh, KSA, started with an empty plot and no water connections. The standard in the Middle East is that toilet containers have septic tanks underneath, and tank trucks drive around emptying them. The customer, MDLBeast, didn’t want those smelly tank trucks going across the venue and through the public. Production Glue, the production company and our client, asked MTD to make a centralised water infrastructure with water feed from two water buffer areas outside the public area. The innovation was that MTD designed a 65,000m welded temporary water overlay with two central drinking- and wastewater 5,000,000 million litres buffer plants. MTD also implemented an innovative service app to monitor the water quality, supply and disposal by tank truck.