EuBEA: the events that have entered the shortlist are revealed.

Elephant black and white.jpgThe suspense that in the last weeks has held the international events community’s breath is finally over. ADC Group announces the events that have entered the shortlist of the EuBEA – European Best Event Awards. 27 jurors are involved in the 2011 edition. They, through a system of online voting, chose the events that have entered the shortlist and that will be examined during the plenary session on Tuesday October 4th in Milan at the AtaHotel Expo Fiera, Via Keplero, 12 – Pero (Milan).

Recall that the jury is chaired by Carlo Jean Marie Hermes, expert in corporate communication and consultant for the management of Ceremonies and Events of the Eni Group. We are pleased to announce that this year’s edition has had an increase in the subscriptions. The events registered are 100 compared to 91 last year.

In short, if the EuBEA can be regarded as the barometer of the market – the greater the number of events registered, the more the events being organized, and thus more is the money that circulates – and so, we can say that the hope of a more sustained recovery of the market may not be a utopia.

The participants were many, and the events registered were of an increasingly high-quality, as the number of the events that entered the shortlist demonstrates. In fact, 50 are the events that will contend for the prizes by type and technical excellence.
The awards ceremony of the EuBEA this year will be on November 23rd. The prize-giving is part of the BEA Expo Festival (23-24 November), an event that for the third year offers opportunities for training and networking with all stakeholders of the sector at an international level. The location of the event will be the Spazio Eventiquattro in Viale Monte Rosa, 91 in Milan.

Soon, all the details of the event will be announced on the site: