EuBEA: not only awards

BEA expo festival 1.jpgMilan, Novembre 2011 – Ever heard about Hybrid Events? The first chance to approach this new trend in the events industry will be on November 23rd before the EuBEA Awards Ceremony (within the Bea Expo Festival Kermesse – Spazio Eventiquattro – Gruppo 24 Ore – Milan).

At 11.45, Colja Dams, Vok Dams Agentur für Events und Live-Marketing President will held a speech on the topic: Hybrid Events – Innovation Trend in Live-Marketing.

Colja M. Dams.jpgVok Dams has coined the term hybrid event to describe the combination of live and MoSoLo. MoSoLo stands for Mobile applications, Social media and Location-based services. That is the entire range of interactive web applications, from smartphones and tablets apps to web-based guest management tools; from the integration of social media platforms, QR codes to the augmented reality applications. Because of their focus on the intensive involvement of participants, hybrid events stand for the paradigm shift from focusing on the event to focusing on the participant – from brand-generated to user-generated event. A passive visitor becomes an active participant in the communication. Therefore, ROI does not stand only for Return on Investment anymore, but also for Return on Involvment. The stronger the integration of the event participant, the better the chances of them making a positive decision on purchasing or recommending a product or service.

This is for sure a good chance to hear about something very innovative and ask direct questions to the founder of the new trend, Mr. Dams.

In the afternoon, starting at 15.00 it will be held the European Best Event Awards Ceremony. During the event will be granted the Golden Elephant, the 18 awards by typology and the 7 awards by technical excellence. But the Awards Ceremony will not be only a celebration event; as the videos of first-ranked will be shown, it will also be a unique chance to benchmark, learn, appreciate the best and most innovative events held by European agencies and companies worldwide.

The participation is free of charge upon registration.

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