EuBea goes global

EuBea goes global


The 3rd edition of EuBea Festival and the 11th edition of the European Best Event Awards have just come to a close and it is already time to look forward to the next big step that ADC Group is about to take.

First of all, I would like to spend a few words about the last edition held in Saint Petersburg, where agencies, associations, media, corporate event managers and Festival partners from 22 countries were represented. With more than 450 delegates, the Festival, according to its theme ‘Inspire, Empower, Succeed’, provided many valuable insights thanks to its utterly unique and successful format.

Live pitch presentations, a complete and distinctive programme of keynote speakers, engaging workshops, strategic /operational solutions provided by interactive sessions, as well as a full set of leisure activities that helped to learn about the beauties of this wonderful city, were the ingredients that made the Festival the place to be in order to understand the latest trends in the event industry.  And I know for sure, as it has always happened in previous years, that many business opportunities will be created from this engaging platform. An aspect which makes me extremely proud.

Its main Jury, which included 30 among the best corporate clients and associations, and the Press Jury, that provided a different point of view on the creative trends, had the very hard task of choosing from a total of 276 entries, presented by 112 European agencies.

The resulting winners are really outstanding and define a new benchmark and the future of events at an international level (for a complete list of winners, click here).

I am conscious that it has not been easy to arrive to such an achievement, especially when dealing with such a complex event. For sure, in the years to come, we will remember the exceptional Awards Ceremony that took place on the Friday night. And you can bet that we will put all of our efforts in improving a formula that has one very clear goal: to drive knowledge and skills into event managers and to honour the achievements of clients and agencies with the leading award of the industry. We are confident that live communication has become, and will continue to be, a major part within the marketing and communication strategy of any company.

Let us come back to the title of my editorial. In Saint Petersburg I announced that next year the award will be global. Why? Simply because we understand that the European culture of events can gain immensly from the comparison with other cultures, from North to South America, from Asia to wherever. And we are also aware that we Europeans can competently compete with them.

This big and courageous step will take us to our next destination, a city seen as the entrance and exit door to Europe from and to the rest of the world: Porto.

I am sure that the professionalism of Apecate, the association of Portuguese agencies, together with the Porto City Council, the Convention Bureau and other valuable partners, will show all their expertise in producing a memorable event able to establish EuBea’s platform as the benchmark for events worldwide. More news will be available shortly.

Last, but not least, we would appreciate to receive a feedback from those of you who attended the Festival. You will receive a short questionnaire in a separate email later today. Your responses will be collected by Event ROI Institute.

Let us stay tuned and keep connected!

Salvatore Sagone,
President of EuBea Festival