EuBEA doesn’t mean ‘big’ but ‘best’ event award

06For the European Best Event Awards, the essence of an event is not the budget but the quality of it.

EuBEA puts together the best events carried out in Europe, which are also those published in the European Events Annual, and creativity is still one of the most relevant aspects considered by the jury, something that per se can determine the winner.

The demonstration of this is Surprise catwalk, last year’s winner event, organized by Fieldwork (Norway) for Fretex – The Salvation Army, which was a low budget event, realized with less than 50,000 Euros.
Watch the video.

The EuBEA jury panel, which is composed by the most important professionals of the Event Industry throughout Europe, evaluates the nominees by different criteria such as creativity, setting, production, direction, awareness, sustainability and more. In this way, the Best Event can be the most interesting or the most innovative, or, again, the most creative and so on, even if it’s not the most expensive, as EuBEA is an Award based on quality.

EuBEA are accessible for any agency or company based in Europe that carried out an event (wherever in the world), which is at a high level in terms of ‘quality’ considering one of the aspects mentioned above.

06To apply for the awards, the event must have been published in the ‘European Events Annual’, the annual collection of the best (as regards ‘quality’) European events, distributed internationally with a total circulation of 11,000 copies.

EuBEA candidates can compete for the 1st prize, the ‘Elephant’ trophy, for the overall results of the event, but they can compete also for a specific aspect among the different categories awarded, which are:

– Best Creative Idea
– Best Media Mix 
– Best Location/Setting 
– Best Direction 
– Best Staging/Set Design 
–  Best Audio/Video/Lighting Production 
– Best Notoriety/Press Return 

Events are also awarded depending on the type of events, such as:

– Product/Service Launch  
– BtoB Event 
– Event for Non Profit/Social Organization 
– Internal Company Event/Company Convention 
– Web Event
– Public Event 
– Unconventional Event 
– Road show 
– Congress/Convention 
– Fair 
– Sports Event 
– Musical Event 
– Celebration/Festivity 
– Incentive/Team Building 
– Educational/Training Event  
– Cultural Event 
– Sustainable Event
– Green Event

In addition to this, special awards are presented for those events that receive the appreciation of the jury for:

– Best Technological innovation
– Best Use of Space/Environment/Setting
– Best Evaluation Award
– Best Event Agency
– Best Event Company
– Best Creative Director of the year

And, last but not least, special awards are given to events that stood out in these categories:

– Low Budget Event
– High Budget Event 
– Integrated Event

Next edition of EuBEA will take place during the third week of November. Entry period will start on 14th May.
Deadline for entrances will be on 31th August.

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