EuBEA at BOE to show the top cases of the European Best Event Awards

EuBEA at BOE to show the top cases of the European Best Event Awards

Salvatore Sagone, President of ADC Group, the publishing company that organizes EuBEA, fresh from the recent success of last edition of the
awards, took part to the German BOE – Best of Event – showing the most meaningful awarded cases.


BOE is in fact the German annual industry meeting for business communication, live marketing, event services and
conferences, providing a range of top-class forums, and it was held at the Westfalenhallen Dortmund Trade Fair grounds, last 16-17 January.

Over the course of two days, BOE brought together 431 exhibitors, providing a complete overview of the events
industry market.

In addition to a complete overview of event industry, given by 431 exhibitors, BOE
hosted outstanding specialists who took part in the high-caliber specialist forums to give participants useful information,
tips and new ways of thinking.

Contribution of Mr. Sagone intended to describe the key trends of event industry, from the point of view of the European
Best Event Awards. Through a series of videos of the last editions most significant EuBEA’s winning events, the speech
focused on creativity, production and budget of the European best events, describing crucial leanings, as a benchmark
for the event industry at international level.

As for the most interesting figures, it was impressive the attention that event agencies gave to EuBEA this year,
representing the most successful edition ever.

146 entries (compared to 99 in 2011) from 19 countries (including: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,
France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden,
Turkey and UK.). 68 agencies participated, with almost +50% of growth. The events were judged by an outstanding
, composed by 32 representatives from agencies, companies, media and associations, and chaired by Carlo Hermes,
managing Director at Hermes & Partner.

Salvatore Sagone talked from a privileged point of view about the
most important international award dedicated to the events, by reviewing a selection of recent winning events.

In particular, last edition’s winning events have shown that the use of technology and digital media, especially in the
social, have made a strong point in the creative process.

One example, the overall 2012 winning event: Smart E-Ball (watch video), created by the agency BBDO Live.

Moreover it has been proven, once more time, that even tight budgets can create events able to win an EuBEA award.

Think of the case of The Biggest Concert in the World (watch video), by Jung von Matt, winner event in 2009, or the
well-known Heineken Auditorium (watch video), by JWT, winner in 2010, and we must not to forget the winner in 2011, Surprise
(watch video), by Fieldwork.

The conclusion reached by Salvatore Sagone can be summarized with the motto: “There is no creativity without a budget,
but there is no budget without creativity
”. In other words, reductions in investment in events cannot go below a certain
threshold, but at the same time, there is not enough money to give effect to an event without a strong creative idea.

EuBEA 2012 was enhanced by the communication support of the European Events Annual, the well-known publication
that collects all the cases presented at the European awards.