EUBEA 2015 – THIRD PRIZE to Bind (The Netherlands) with ‘Opening ceremony APM Terminals Maasvlakte II, Rotterdam’

EUBEA 2015 – THIRD PRIZE to Bind (The Netherlands) with ‘Opening ceremony APM Terminals Maasvlakte II, Rotterdam’

An event designed for the inauguration of APM Terminals MV II, where a choreography was combined with a visual show. All this attention to detail and a flawless production was awarded with the third prize at EuBea.

thirdOrganising Company: Bind

Country: The Netherlands

Client company: APM Terminals Maasvlakte II

Date: 24th April 2015

Budget: up € 1.000.000 to € 5.000.000

Typology: Celebration / Festivity

Target: The event was targeted on: – Maersk Line clients and hinterland parties; – International port authorities; – Terminal ‘workers’ and suppliers; – Governments (local, regional, state); – Safety- and other (public) services important for the functioning of the terminal; – Readers’ relevant newspapers and magazines, inhabitants Rotterdam region.

Location: 1: the visual show took place on the so-called barge quay of the terminal, using the terminal’s equipment as barge- and stack-cranes, AGV’s (automated guided vehicle) and containers; 2: the guests viewed the opening from a specially constructed floating theatre complex; the guests were transferred to this complex v.v. by boat.

Edition: 2015

Focus: Three objectives: 1.Target groups know the terminal is in business; 2.Convince relations and target groups of the corporate statement of this terminal (a new global standard in automated, environmentally sustainable operations); 3.Generate different, targeted emotions for the different target groups.

Creative idea: The creative idea was based on the principle that there were two actors: the terminal itself and the terminal’s designers whose creativity made the terminal into the most automated, environmentally sustainable terminal worldwide. Both played a big role. The APM- specialists developed the show in close cooperation with a team of video- and creative specialists. This resulted in an astounding synergy that lead to the 12-minute show: a choreography of 16 video screens on 40-ft. containers, cranes and AGV’s. That together created constantly surprising images, dedicated to different themes all supported by specially composed music. H.M. the King gave the starting signal for the show from a floating complex in front of the show quay. The apex of the show was the final image: a line of APM-workers taking a ‘bow’ after the show against a background of their projected ‘faces’. The involvement of the APM-staff with the show greatly augmented the pride they have in their work and the terminal.

Effectiveness: The result of the absolute flawless spectacular momentum, was an overwhelmed and emotionally touched group of VIP relations of APMT/Mearsk worldwide. A valuable side-effect where the (inter)national press coverages on TV, online and in magazines. The 2nd show for the staff gained great pride.


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