EUBEA 2015 – SECOND PRIZE to Jack Morton Worldwide (UK) with ‘The Opening Ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games’

EUBEA 2015 – SECOND PRIZE to Jack Morton Worldwide (UK) with ‘The Opening Ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games’

The ceremony presented Glasgow to the world as a global, dynamic and lively city. With a budget significantly lower than the usual for this kind of ceremonies, the agency not only won the challenge to create an event followed on TV by a billion people, but it also won the second prize at EuBea 2015.

secondOrganising Company: Jack Morton Worldwide

Country: UK

Client company: The Organising Committee of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Date: 23rd July 2014

Budget: more than € 5.000.000 High Budget

Typology: Public Event

Target: The live audience attending the ceremony at Celtic Park (50,000), along with a cumulative broadcast audience (including all 53 countries of the Commonwealth – spanning Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Americas, Europe and Pacific) approaching one billion.

Location: Celtic Park- Glasgow, Scotland

Edition: 2015

Focus: To reintroduce the world to Glasgow (and by association, Scotland) – reaffirming its status as a vibrant, relevant global city. There was in fact no specific client brief other than to deliver “a world-class event”; what that meant creatively was left to the Jack Morton to establish and deliver.

Creative idea: The Commonwealth Games is a highly anticipated event for which the public hold incredibly high expectations -and we faced the challenge of having the smallest budget allocated to any Commonwealth Games ceremonies this century. Our goal was to express the innate warmth and generosity of the host city. We were keen to avoid the tendencies of traditional ceremonies perceived as profligate and egotistical; the impression of an event being ‘done’ to a place and its people rather than for and by them. Instead, Glasgow’s Games were to channel the welcoming and compassionate nature of the host city of Glasgow – we set out to deliver autobiographical ceremonies for and by the people of Glasgow. So, an uncompromising commitment to an authentic Glaswegian experience served as our compass throughout the creative process: straight-talking, gallus, genuine, unpretentious, proud and funny. We believed the audiences would find this approach accessible, inclusive and enjoyable.

Effectiveness: -TV audience over 1bn -Overwhelmingly positive press -Official research conducted by Glasgow City Council has yet to be published. However, UNICEF alone delivered: o £5m raised o Over 500 pieces of coverage with a reach of over 212,000,000 o 19.44m Twitter impressions o 1.31m Facebook impressions.


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