EuBea 2014: third prize to Swedish A Loud Minority / Conscious Minds. Watch the video of the event

Discover the video of the event that received the third prize at the European Bea 2014: the Nike ‘Nike Run Viking #runfree’ project.


Bronze medal to the Swedish agency A Loud Minority / Conscious Minds with the integrated event ‘Nike Run Viking #runfree’, a project directed especially to the community of runners, but also to all the fans of this sport.

The aim of the event, which used as a setting Iceland’s nature and spectacular views, was to give runners a unique experience, an adventure different from the usual routine that could create a positive connection between the fans of this sport and Nike.

After the #runfree global campaign dedicated to the runners’ community, the agency created a project to encourage runners to upload their most epic runnings.

Watch the video of the event here

They created also a call-to-action to challenge runners to take pictures of their runnings every week. The runner who made the most epic one, could have the opportunity to experience the ride of his life with Nike in a location of his choice. Since the winner chose Iceland, they picked the evocative name ‘Nike Run Viking‘.


The agency then took the top 20 viewers of the activities #runfree online to Iceland, along with some representatives from Nike. During three days 6 races were made on the spectacular island and they were shared live (hour by hour), generating more than 3.9 million impressions.

Some pictures were selected on Facebook and then they were used for the Nike Running campaign on

Some results of this event: 20 Nike-ambassadeurs for life; the hashtag #runfree was used more than 50,000 times; 15,000 shares on Facebook and 250,000 likes on Instagram.