EuBEA 2011 Second Place – EDP 35th birthday Energia Douro Concert

2nd Prize - 2.jpg

For a long time Edp challenged its agency to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience to celebrate the company’s importance and generate awareness in its social and environmental concerns. But for its 35th birthday, when the long-awaited new logo designed by Stephan Saigmeister was revealed, the challenge was simple: to achieve the impossible. Many tried – and failed – to create a floating stage in the treacherous Douro waters but some memorable shows were also created in improbable settings, for example concerts set on a dam and in a cave.

20110701 (1203).jpgPartnering up with Sic tv channel for a live broadcast, the stakes were even higher and, after 3 months of production, one of the most magical concerts in portuguese history took place in a 600 square metres stage, crafted by a team of 250 men and witnessed live by 50,000 people and Vip guests, both on the stage and on a two-storey boat in front of it. The concert was seen by 50,000 people and a million people tv audience, resulting in a massive media coverage and show re-airing. With a potential return of 4,810,421 euros in editorial spaces and advertising, Edp’s birthday was hailed as the event of the year.

You can see the video of the event by clicking on this link.