EuBEA 2008: Auditoire and Promoconvention awarded European Best Event Agencies

The French agency Auditoire and the Italian Promoconvention were awarded European Best Event Agencies ex aequo thanks to the numerous prizes they received:


Management Convention 2008  1 Best technological innovation (special award)
Management Convention 2008 1 Congress / Convention
Roland Garros 2008  \ “Laisse ta Trace” 3rd  Best Media Mix
Roland Garros 2008  \ “Laisse ta Trace” 3 Public event
Green Meter  2 Best Location
Green Meter  2 Public event


The Most Majestic Espresso Experience 1 BtoB event
The Most Majestic Espresso Experience 2 EUBEA
New Milan Skyline 1 Celebration / Festivity
Fiat 500 Parade  2 Best creative idea

The Italian agency K-events was awarded the third prize for the success of its events:

Together/ Ready For the Future 1 Best Location
Together/ Ready For the Future 2 Congress / Convention
Venetian Events: Love and Sensation 2008 1 Public event