DENMARK – MINDfamtrip inspires future events in Copenhagen

DENMARK – MINDfamtrip inspires future events in Copenhagen

“For me, Copenhagen is one the most creative and sustainable cities in Europe – it is a wow city!” says Hubert Georg Feil, managing director of Culturebrand Live, who was one of the 24 participants in the famtrip.

The rest of the participants were also very positive and went home with great ideas on future meetings and events in Copenhagen. In fact, remarkably, the post-event survey revealed that all participants are ‘likely or most likely’ to book Copenhagen as a destination for their future events.

“It’s a destination that makes you think about your event, what it is all about, and how you can be creative to deliver those objectives through your events while having lots and lots of fun. I think there is a lot of creativity – I really like that the culture really lives and breathes the CSR culture, it doesn’t just talk about it,” says Jacqui Kavanagh, managing director of Trinity Conferences Ltd, adding: “There are many aspects to finding the right location for conferences, one of the major ones being accessibility and ease of travel.“

The MINDfamtrip was arranged by Wonderful Copenhagen and VisitDenmark in close cooperation with a number of local partners in the Copenhagen meetings industry. The famtrip was designed in accordance with the Danish meetings design concept, Meetovation, in which innovation is a key element.

The visit included sightseeing around the city in rickshaws, electric carts and canal boats, as well as visits to venues such as Restaurant Toldboden, The Royal Opera House and Tivoli Gardens.

Frankie Keighley, project executive at Astellas’ conference team, was as enthusiastic as the other participants: “People seem very meetings-focused in all the hotels, they really try to do their very best when they meet you and try to offer you something different.”