DENMARK – Hagen Invent ‘Way ahead’ with Audi in Copenhagen

DENMARK – Hagen Invent ‘Way ahead’ with Audi in Copenhagen

As summer came to a close, approximately 3,500 dealers and importers from 80
witnessed the dynamic unveiling of the new Audi A3, under the motto
Way ahead’. The event took place at four locations in both Copenhagen and the
south of Sweden over a three-week period. These locations were connected to a
decentralised brand area that allowed enthusiastic visitors some detailed insights
into the German premium car manufacturer’s pioneering spirit and its power to
innovate. On site, the Hagen Invent team ensured a flawless delivery of the
prestigious event. As the leading agency, the Düsseldorf-based experts for live
communication were responsible for overall planning, logistics as well as the
international participants and travel management.

As Europe’s on-trend metropolis for lifestyle, design and fashion, Copenhagen
was the perfect setting for the year’s largest event for Audi dealers. The visitors
were welcomed in 18 seamless flows of arrivals at the ‘Audi Welcome Lounge‘ in
the exclusive royal terminal of Copenhagen’s airport. They were then conveyed
in the new Audi A3 over the famous Öresund Bridge to Sturup Raceway, east of
the Swedish city of Malmö.

For the first time, under the auspices of hagen invent, Audi put its trust in
staging a transnational event, effectively symbolising Audi’s connectivity
ambitions. In an action-packed driving experience on Scandinavia’s state-of-theart racing track at Sturup, visitors were immersed in the Audi S models’ sporting
qualities. Then followed an evening event that embodied the emotive highlight of
the first day with an artistic demonstration of the extended Audi A3 family on the
Audi Pier‘ at Kvæsthusmole, in the heart of the city. The ‘Audi Pier’ – which was
specially constructed for this dealers’ meeting – also hosted the closing business

Day two was set in Copenhagen, lauded as the ‘Green capital of Europe’ for its
ecological innovation. The international audience sampled the city’s modern
atmosphere on e-bikes and also test-drove the Audi A6 hybrid, experiencing the
brand’s sustainability on the move. With its numerous innovative products and
stunning event locations partially designed as public brand experiences which
harmoniously blended into the cityscape, Audi once again demonstrated the
brand’s leadership in design and technology.

With ‘Way ahead’, a powerful promise has been made, subtly underlining a
ubiquitous analogy between destination and Audi’s central brand values.