CZECH REPUBLIC – Prague Convention Seminar introduced digital trends in MICE segment

CZECH REPUBLIC – Prague Convention Seminar introduced digital trends in MICE segment

Prague Convention Bureau organized its fifth international educational seminar, this time with the title “Heading to the Top in MICE Digital Era”. More than 100 participants met on 16th March at Corinthia Hotel Prague to discuss current digital trends in MICE segment.

pragueseminarAmong the speakers of this year’s seminar, which was intended especially for congress tourism professionals, representatives of local as well as foreign convention bureaus, media, local associations, public authorities and also for universities’ pedagogues and tourism students were: Prof. Julius Špičák,MD, PhD, Head of the Hepatogastroenterology Department of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague and former Chairman of the Czech Society of Gastroenterology; Michael Foreman, Managing Director at Verve4 and Kindology; Padraic Gilligan, Managing Partner at SoolNua; Filip Dřímalka, Innovation and Marketing Expert; Zdeněk Havelka, CEO at A-21.

The panel discussion was enriched by contributions of Barbora Vinšová, Events Management Director in local PCO Guarant International, Hana Peregrinová, Head of Congress Operations in Kuoni Destination Management Prague and Petr Marhoul, General Manager of C-IN.

The whole event, which was divided into two sections, was hosted by Padraic Gilligan. Prof. Špičák initiated the first part of the seminar titled “Best Practice – Comparing Prague to Other Destinations” with an introduction of key features of a successful congress. Michael Foreman then shed light on his Kindology concept. The end of the first block belonged to Martin Sirk, CEO at ICCA, who answered the participants’ questions on Prague, digitals trends and congress tourism.

Padraic Gilligan took over the role of presenter in the second part of the program. By introducing ways how to effectively use social media for MICE promoting, he initiated the afternoon session titled “Digital Marketing and Social Media in MICE”.

The next speeches, given by Filip Dřímalka and Zdeněk Havelka, focused on future digital innovations. Zdeněk Havelka then introduced his vision of tourism in 2025 from the perspective of so called data driven companies.

The International educational seminar was organized by Prague Convention Bureau in cooperation with Corinthia Hotel Prague, Prague City Tourism, Czech Convention Bureau, Computer System Group, Artlingua and Prague Airport.