Czech Republic gives birth to a new events association: CEA

Czech Republic gives birth to a new events association: CEA

On August 10, 2017, a founding meeting of the new association called “Czech Event Association” (CEA) was held in Prague.

At this time, the association has eight founding members, ranging from leading Czech event agencies and service providers. The aim of the association is primarily to cultivate the event environment on the Czech market. The ambition of the association is to create a stable membership base, which should cover around 40 members within three years.

Among the members-founders are many of those who participated to or even won Elephants at EUBEA within last years.

Norbert Pýcha, chairman of the newly established association and CEO of Event Arena, explains why the association was formed. “ČEA wants to be a functional association that will support the event environment, enable meetings of experts from this field at different levels, transfer experience among individual members and communicate towards the professional public and other subjects.”

“We believe that the area of ​​event marketing will continue to expand as our base is growing rapidly,” adds Jan Kubinec, vice chairman and head of the AV Media Lease Division.

Members – Founders

AV Media
Creative Pro CZ
Event Arena
Fox Hunter
MVP Events
Quix Event
Veletrhy Brno

Executive Comittee

Norbert Pýcha – Event Arena
Vice chairmen:

Jan Kubinec – AV Media
Vít Rozehnal – MVP Events
Tomáš Kovář – Fox Hunter
Svetlana Mečiarová, Creative Pro CZ