CZECH REPUBLIC – A conference in a circus? Why not!

CZECH REPUBLIC – A conference in a circus? Why not!

Prague Congress Centre has a new management with new fresh ideas. Attendees of the latest “Conference in a Different Way” could experience it with all their senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

circusRoman Ray Staub, the General Manager of the Prague Congress Centre, who stands with his team behind the organization of an extraordinary performance, did not mind to wear a magic hat with funny ears and entertain MICE and press delegates of the conference. Thanks to the audio-visual technology provided by PCC and Yventech visitors found themselves in the middle of a circus full of laughing people admiring a lovely bare riding a motorbike around in front of their eyes.

The purpose of the conference was to show that things can be done in an unexpected entertaining way and conference attendees can spend a day learning and having fun at the same time. The whole event started with welcoming words of the General Manager Roman Ray Straub or, in fact, with his holographic double being submerged in a conversation with the real man. Then Matthias Schultze took the floor and gave a video lecture on new trends in conference business. Regarding modern technologies, Conference in a Different Way has been the first event where the high tech 4K projector was introduced.

PCC´s partner Zatiší Catering Group engaged at least three senses of the attendees with their tasty, seductively looking and lovely smelling food. Lunch time also brought a good opportunity for networking, relaxing or just looking around the venue discovering technologies which ensure smooth process of a conference or a big congress. Apart from that, the air was filled with antibacterial aroma essence oils to make breathing easy and brains alert, and for artistic or just curious people 3D mapping turned nicely set tables into an exciting video performance scene.

The afternoon was linked with sports and champions. The famous Czech hockey coach and psychologist Marian Jelínek was welcomed in the hockey stadium filled with people. It sounds like the venue changed but what changed was only the picture of the background created by the technology. His amazing lecture on how to make people reach their goals was followed by rock- grunge played by Nevereasy band. The whole day showed that PCC can offer variable space, high-end technologies and attractive catering. With its creative management and a team with young mind-set it is already a congress venue of top quality.