Christoph Tessmar, Sanofi Avetis (Spain), EuBEA 2009 Jury Panel President

Chris06toph Tessmar, for his second time in EuBEA Jury Panel, was choosen for his long
experience in events industry at European level. He declared when appointed: “I am honoured to represent the European events industry as EuBEA Jury Panel President. Unless we are expecting a downturn I am convinced that the event industry is very alive. In this difficult times the events are a very important tool for comunication and motivation. That is the reason why I am thinking that we have to be postive for the future. The EuBEA is an excellent initiative for the event industry to show creativity and innovation. Without any doubt a fantastic contribution for the development of the event industry”.
Christoph Tessmar was born in Heidelberg (Germany) on 3rd of May 1964. After his education he started the professional career (always in the pharmaceutical industry) for Boehringer Mannheim as Area Manager for some countries in South America. In January 1990 he moved to Boehringer Mannheim in Barcelona where he started with organisation of some events and congresses. In 1999 he joined Sanofi as Congress Manager; he is in charge of all the events of the company (national and international congresses, product presentations, symposia, sales conventions and booth design) nearly 500 events per year.
His hobbies are soccer, opera and cinema.