And the best has yet to come!

And the best has yet to come!

We have experienced four inspiring days (15th-18th November) in the wonderful city of Porto for the first annual Bea World – The International Festival of Events and Live Communication.

Overall, approximately 750 people from agencies, companies, suppliers, as well as students, attended the event. A real record year, also thanks to the increase of entries, 296, from 27 countries. Congratulations to all participants and winners!

I am sure that this achievement has been possible thanks to the original formula of the festival: live presentations, engaging and interactive content, networking and leisure activities. For this reason, I am increasingly convinced that Bea Festival is the platform where creativity meets business and our commitment is to expand and increase the culture of events and live communication worldwide.

We are living a great time full of opportunities for the event industry. Everything is changing. The new relationship between brands and consumers is pushing live communication agencies towards a new role: they are asked to respond to more demanding needs form clients, thus they have the opportunity play a more important part in their marketing and communication strategies.

Bea World wants to award event professionals for their work, their ability to manage the complexity that an event implies nowadays. Creativity, innovation, the use of the different communication channels, production and results are the challenges that agencies have to face each and every day.

We had a really great experience in Porto, and my sincere thanks goes to our general partner APECATE – the association that gathers and represents the Portuguese companies of Congresses, Events and Tourism Animation – and in particular to the president Antonio Marques Vidal and Ana Fernandes, for their great and passionate commitment. Thanks also to Tourism of Portugal, the Association of Tourism of Porto and the North (ATP), Porto’s City Council, EDP and all our partners. And I can easily bet that next year we will make it even better.

After 11 years, what we have just celebrated in Porto is a new start for more ambitious goals: to spread and share the culture of events worldwide and award the whole value chain of the business. So, you will soon receive some important news in this regard, because the best has yet to come!

Last, but not least, we would kindly appreciate a feedback from those of you who attended the Festival. A short questionnaire was sent earlier today to all Festival delegates by The Event ROI Institute. Your responses will be collected by them and will help us do even better in 2018.

Let’s stay tuned, let’s keep connected… and see you next year in Porto!

Salvatore Sagone
President of Bea World Festival