Best Event with Reduced Budget to ‘Extreme HD’ created by Canon Italy and Rmg Connect

The Golden Star goes to ‘Extreme HD’, a project created by Rmg Connect for Canon Italy. Like many events with a reduced budget, this also played on web communication, the penetration of blogs of passionate users and the viral mechanism of word of mouth in order to guarantee its success and media resonance. 06

The web event, created to promote the HV10, the smallest HD video camera in the world, and to demonstrate how it also works in extreme conditions, Canon had an insight: sponsor the expedition of Simone Moro on the peaks of K2 and Broad Peak, and make Internet navigators able to enjoy the images and videos sent by the same alpinist through the use of the video camera. Rmg Connect did the rest: the predisposition of a satellite connection and an Ajax platform, through which the contributions could be downloaded and the blog updated. Finally, the satellite tracing allowed users to follow the climb’s itinerary in 3D on Google Earth and on the Google Maps integrated into the Blog, with updates every 15 minutes. Moro’s courage, Canon’s intuition and systems that were few but sophisticated were all the instruments that this project availed itself with.
Google Earth.JPG
 Rmg Connect e Canon will be awarded during the EuBEA Gala Ceremony on November 23rd by East End Studios; during the event will be revealed all the EuBEA 2007 winners.