BELGIUM – Event Masters and Living Tomorrow: introducing novel “entertraining” concept

BELGIUM – Event Masters and Living Tomorrow: introducing novel “entertraining” concept

Event agency Event Masters establishes a new division called Entertraining : a brand-new concept in Belgium with a multi-faceted approach to teambuilding and training. Living Tomorrow (Vilvoorde) strongly believes in the entertraining concept and signs an exclusive partnership with Event Masters for its team trainings.

entertrainingDrawing on its yearlong experience in teambuilding, Event Masters coaches team members while focusing on educational themes, including burnout, collaboration, time management, MBTI, and so on. Event Masters hired the most experienced trainers to strengthen its new division, and to develop entertraining concepts – bespoke and off-the-shelf.

Some of the entertraining concepts include:

Orchestrate – A powerful and emotional musical team challenge with delegates coming under the conductor’s baton as a symphony orchestra.

Painting Sports – Groups of five people create original paintings on empty canvases, while an artist assists them along the way. All ‘works of art’ are varnished and framed to adorn the office’s walls.

Lego – Participants compete in teams : they have to build the highest tower (a replica of a scale model they’ve only briefly seen) or assemble structures according to their teammates’ indications by walkie-talkie.

Bridging the Divide – A team building activity requiring teams to employ clever project management and customer relationship management skills to build a bridge to required customer specifications while overcoming limited resources, communication barriers and strict timelines. And, the bridge needs to be big enough, strong enough and stable enough to allow a large remote controlled vehicle to safely cross it.

Living Tomorrow symbolizes innovative entrepreneurship – also in the event industry. Hence the decision to sign an exclusive partnership with Event Masters for the team trainings.

On Thursday 25th August, Living Tomorrow and Event Masters are organising a sneak preview of their entertraining concept.