BELGIUM – ‘Décrocher la Lune’: take a look at Luc Petit Création’s latest marvellous show

BELGIUM – ‘Décrocher la Lune’: take a look at Luc Petit Création’s latest marvellous show

An important urban work that represents a utopia: trying to grasp the ungraspable, reach the unreachable. ‘Décrocher la Lune’ took place on 26th September in the Belgian town of La Louvière and this year the project has seen the involvement of seven European cities in Italy, France and Poland. The objective of the live show: give life to the giant Sancho Gilles, who, along his journey, wants to ‘take down the moon’ to find the sun, thus representing, every three years, the dreams and traditions of La Louvière.

lucpetitFor his 6th edition, Décrocher la Lune has really dreamt big. The unique show, initiated by the famous Belgian director Franco Dragone and produced by Luc Petit Création (Luc Petit is the creative director of the project), is held every three years in the Belgian town of La Louvière, located in the region of Wallonia. It took place on 26th September 2015.

Décrocher la Lune is an impressive live show that combines music, art, visual and artistic performances, special effects and dance and it portrays the story of the hero of the town, Sancho Gilles, a fearless giant who, with his strength, embodies all the hopes, dreams and lives of La Louvère. His mission, as the title of the show suggests, is to ‘take down’ the moon, climbing the church tower and reaching for the sky, in the attempt to reveal the sun, thus showing everybody in an allegoric way that in fact it is possible to reach the unreachable.

Mons, cultural capital of Wallonia, in Belgium, not far from La Louvière, was the European Capital of Culture in 2015 and for this occasion, the show was taken to a European scale. La Louvière, in fact, asked the twin cities of Italy, France and Poland to join the show by creating Sancho’s friends. So, with the participation of Foligno, Atri, Roseto and Aragona, Kalisz, St. Maur des Fosses and Eguisheim, seven new companions escorted Sancho in his quest to ‘catch’ the moon.

Décrocher la Lune 2015 saw the participation of 650 volunteers, including 200 related to belonging to a permanent troupe called ‘lunaires’, the realization of 8 laboratories, the collaboration of 200 artists and technical professionals and more than 300 clowns, singers, dancers, acrobats, stilt walkers and fantastic animals.

With their performances, they brought smiles to the faces of the 35.000 people in the audience, happy to be there, happy to be part of this amazing folk festival, and to all the spectators who had the opportunity to watch the show live behind their tv screens.

Luc Petit succeeded in the crazy challenge to bring together all the characters in a wonderful parade, which transformed, for one night, a city into a splendid colorful circus. As a conductor, he gave life to a score mixing dance, theater, music and fireworks with a touch of humor.

Watch the video of the event here.