BELGIUM – 27names: Hallamasch and Verve joined the association

The 27Names network, founded in 2009 with the aim of offering clients cross-country creativity, strategy and operational excellence, is growing fast. In a couple of months two agencies entered the Association: the Austrian Hallamasch and the Irish Verve, confirming that being a member is perceived as a strategic asset for many agencies across Europe.
“I proposed my agency as part of the network at the end of last year” says Andreas Hladky,owner of Hallamasch, “and when I was informed that my proposal was accepted by the accreditation board, I started to plan my projects on an international basis. 27names enables us to engage with clients outside Europe like in South America, Asia and the USA as well as offering a broader array of services all over Europe”.

“Fresh from last week’s 27names Brussels meeting, we are excited by the opportunity to join other like minded agencies across Europe who share a common progressive vision for our industry. 27names will enable us to deliver world-class activity with our partners across Europe and beyond, creating a seamless solution for our clients” explayns Susan Lord, Client Director, Verve.

The Association is now evaluating prospective members from Poland, Russia, Greece and Turkey. Many agencies sent their application form but the strict requirements to enter are not easily fulfilled.

“Our evaluation process is quite complicated and strict” says Jos Feijen, President of 27names “as we want only the best and truly live communications agencies to join us”.
The 17 members of 27names met last week in Bruxelles to plan the future of the Association and discuss further developments. For the first time the Key Account Managers of each agency were invited to join to build relationships with each other as part of the new course of the network: sharing information and people.

“As a first time attendee I am happy to be a part of the group, the meeting has been a great experience and it opened the door for many great new contacts and potential business” said Jonas Kajler, Account Manager at Fieldwork, Sweden.