#BeaWorldforUkraine – zoom call – March 21, 15:30 CET

#BeaWorldforUkraine – zoom call – March 21, 15:30 CET

We are honoured to invite you to the Zoom call #BeaWorldforUkraine, devoted to the issues that Ukrainian live communication agencies are experiencing during this frightful period. 

The event will take place on Monday, March 21, 2022  (15:30 CET / 16:30 Ukrainian Time).

Bea World seeks to help the Ukrainian live communication workforce to restore some sort of normality where possible, even from a professional point of view. Many of the industry’s professionals have left the country and live in a very precarious condition, however, they certainly still carry their own professionalism that can be made available to more fortunate agencies and companies across the rest of Europe. During the meeting, many of them will be able to convey their urgent situation in person.

According to the principle of solidarity of Mutual Aid, European agencies and companies could involve Ukrainian professionals in projects that can be developed and followed remotely. Even better, they could host some professionals in their own establishments, guaranteeing them not only a job but also accommodation. 

Thus, we are creating a tool through which Bea World and the network of affiliated agencies and clients will be able to share such remote job openings and hosting opportunities for Ukrainian professionals.

Please let us know about your availability to be actively involved by replying to this e-mail.

Together we can define times and ways to provide concrete support.

If you are interested in participating to the Zoom call, please fill out this form.

All details and a connecting link will be provided shortly.

Thank you for your collaboration.
Yours sincerely,

Bea World Team

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