Bea Italy 2011 First Place – Lavazza, the official coffee of Wimbledon

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The Official Coffee of Wimbledon: dozens of service points and three cafés to bring the Italian taste and design in the “temple of tennis”. The most vibrant cafeteria was the Baseline, whose walls were a 10 metres long video-installation: a fascinating videography “coffee-match” showing two cups playing tennis with a coffee bean, watched by an audience of tea-spoons. The sound was that of a real game. A multimedia menu was also projected.

Lavazza Wimbledon (2).jpgThe exterior was the scene of “We Are the Queue”: sampling and engagement activities for fans ready to queue for hours to buy games’ tickets. The café became an “Airstream camper” and the Lavazza Lounge a relaxation bubble where fans could enjoy an espresso whilst plonked down on swish beanbags. In the meanwhile curious contests took place on the lawn: games such as ‘Racket Cup’ and ‘Tennis Croquet’, with racquets and hoops shaped like espresso cups. A team of promoters (all Italians!) involved the Queue launching tennis-quizzes on the iPad.

Results: in less than 15 days a million coffee were served and Lavazza brand awareness
among Wimbledon audience was more than doubled. The media coverage was very high: over 430 releases all around the world. Surveys registered a great appreciation for Lavazza’s presence at Wimbledon.

You can see the video of the event by clicking on this link.