AUSTRIA – Mondial receives certification for Green Meetings and Events

AUSTRIA – Mondial receives certification for Green Meetings and Events

Late last year Federal Environment Minister DI Nikolaus Berlakovich awarded Mondial the eco-label for Green Meetings and Events. As a licensee, from now on Mondial can certify as well as organise meetings as “Green Meetings”.
Through this certification, Mondial can set new standards in environmentally friendly conference organisation by certifying and organising “Green Meetings”.


“With more than 100 events organised each year, Mondial is the leading Professional Congress Organiser in Austria. We are especially pleased that demand for Green Meetings is growing. Receiving the “Green Meetings” certification not only sets a signal in our line of business, but also offers an exciting alternative for our clients,” states Mag. Gregor Kadanka, Managing Owner of the Mondial Group.

After the successful completion of the Green Meetings pilot project, the IIASA Conference at the Hofburg in late October, Mondial will continue to adopt measures for greening its 2013 conferences.

Accepting responsibility for tomorrow’s world has long permeated the activities of this Austrian family-owned business. Among other things, Mondial is the first travel business whose offers were awarded the eco-label for travel offers. Internally, Mondial several years ago initiated “Mondial does good“, a company-wide eco-initiative that addresses issues such as provision of office supplies, recycling, energy-saving measures and office ecology.