AUSTRIA – Alexandra Kaszay targets continuity and fresh focuses at Hofburg Vienna

AUSTRIA – Alexandra Kaszay targets continuity and fresh focuses at Hofburg Vienna

Kaszay.jpgIn their capacity as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Wiener Kongresszentrum Hofburg Betriebsgesellschaft annual general meeting, Martin Schick and Oliver W. Braun recently announced the appointment of Alexandra Kaszay (image) as new Managing Director of the Hofburg Vienna.

“We have every faith in our new Managing Director Alexandra Kaszay, who is a highly experienced executive.” Mr Schick explained. “With the support of her team she will continue to develop the Hofburg Vienna as the leading venue in Europe and work on enhancing the brand for the future. We strongly believe in safeguarding continuity and creating a solid platform for the venue’s strategic goals and plans,” Mr Braun concluded.

In Ms Kaszay’s eyes, one of the Hofburg Vienna’s overarching aims is to continue to establish itself as Europe’s First Address. “I will continue to push forward our tried-and-tested strategy while introducing various new aspects along the way,” explained the new Managing Director.

The strategic focus will remain on conferences and meetings, and national and international banquets and gala events for more than 250 people. Technology and IT will continue to play a major role in the Hofburg Vienna’s efforts to keep pace with its customers’ constantly changing requirements in these areas and offer the best possible level of service.

The new Managing Director intends to use innovative software solutions to optimise processes and drive efficiency gains. “The focus on the 200th anniversary of the Congress of Vienna highlights just how the centre brings together modern and historic elements,” she concluded.