A more and more international competition

06Dear friends and colleagues,
with the beginning of 2012 EuBea Newsletter, the twice-monthly appointment with the European event industry, is back.

From the very beginning our initiative has proved successful and received positive feedback from agencies, companies and general suppliers. With a distribution that reaches about 20.000 professionals, we try to offer a wide and updated overview of what’s going on in the events market. Country by country we bring to your attention the most interesting events of the past few weeks, the latest reports, researches and data that could help you understand how the industry is evolving. We’re aware of the fact that nowadays competition is being played on a more international level, apart from the local one.
And this is the aim of the European Best Event Awards: to point out the best quality, the best creativity and the best productive skills of the European industry.

Thank you for your support and do not hesitate to contact me at for any information or request.

Salvatore Sagone

President and Editor