And you will have your Bea World Festival in 2020!

After extensive consultation with our judges, our partners, and participants of previous editions, we have decided that Bea World Festival will indeed take place in 2020!

We want to publicly thank the countless people who in recent months have provided us all with great friendship, encouragement, and moral support. It is also thanks to your trust and recognition of our results that we have refused to give up!Above all, by organising the fifteenth edition of Bea World, we want to send a strong and positive message, one of continuity for our event industry, which has been severely tested in recent times.

It is with such resilience and hopes that we will deliver the 2020 Golden Elephants! Obviously, we have to deal with the ongoing health emergency, so we here announce that this year the entire Festival will be celebrated online. But, don’t worry. Regardless of the circumstances, we are absolutely sure that the winners will be suitably rewarded and honoured!

Registration, for all events that took place between 1st September 2019 and 30th October 2020, will open on 6th July.

Of course, this year we’ll also include events that have had to adapt due to the Covid-19 restrictions. We have lots of news in store for them!As a matter of fact, for the first time ever, all online events will be eligible to participate in the Bea Award this year!

We have introduced some changes to the Awards, as you will soon discover from the ‘Call for Entries’ (which will be online next week).To help you better approach aspects that the judges will want to evaluate, we have modified our registration platform, simplifying the various modules, reducing the categories, and widening the choice of the digital world.These changes will make your registration to Bea Award easier than ever. But don’t relax just yet… winning won’t be an easy task!

We are also working on the Festival’s content.

We have obviously taken into account your feedback from last year, and we are creating a programme of sessions that will address areas of our industry that you have said that you want to know more about! We will continue to listen to your advice and directly involve you.

So… stay tuned! We greatly appreciate your constant interest and look forward to speaking with many of you during this year’s registration process!

See you soon,

Salvatore Sagone (president of ADC Group) and the Bea World Team