UKRAINE – Olimpiyskiy was solemnly opened

Kiev1.jpgThe Olympic NSC has been ceremoniously launched after its three years rebuilding. The ceremony attended by the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, counted about 60,000 spectators, over two thousand artists and the best representatives of Ukrainian music was held on Saturday, October 8th.

Kiev2.jpgThe main star of the evening was, of course, the Colombian pop diva Shakira, who received a special invitation to come to the opening of the main arena of the future Euro-2012 and gladly accepted it. The 45-minute performance of the world-famous singer had almost the entire sports complex on its feet, which danced and sang along to the star. Shakira’s repertoire included such hits as Whenever Wherever, Loca, She Wolf, and culminated in a mini concert with the song Waka Waka – the official anthem of the 2010 World Cup held in South Africa. And in so doing the singer passed a kind of baton from one football tournament to another.

Kiev3.jpgThe 60,000 people attending at the Ceremony greeted enthusiastically the Sonics breathtaking flying performances, derived from the show “Meraviglia”, with which the Italian acrobats will be on worldwide tour from December 2011. In Summer 2011 Sonics also performed at some of the biggest Italian media events and their shows have been followed by more than 70.000 people all over Italy. Sonics filled the skies and the squares of Italy and of half world with their ethereal flying acrobats, their impressive scenic machines and the dreamy atmosphères of the nouveau cirque vein, creating at each time unique and magic events.