UK – Stretch says smile for The Sun campaign

UK – Stretch says smile for The Sun campaign

The activity forms part of The Sun Big Smile Giveaway campaign, a month-long media and experiential campaign to get the nation grinning.
From 20 January, the activity is touring city centres nationwide including London, Cardiff, Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow. It features a three-metre high branded vending machine manned by The Sun big smile squad.

Members of the public are invited to perform a task to make people laugh, such as doing a robot dance, singing a song and twirling like a ballerina.
By completing the task, the vending machine bursts into laughter and a prize is delivered through its mouth.

Other stunts are also being executed simultaneously throughout the city, delivering unexpected acts of kindness to members of the public.
This includes bus stop posters with the cryptic message ‘Bored of queuing for the bus‘ and inviting individuals to tweet ‘pick me up’ with the hashtag #SunBigSmile. One person will then have the opportunity to be picked up and taken around in a red stretch limo for the day.