UK – Pringles celebrates the passion for football with the ‘Super Sofa’

UK – Pringles celebrates the passion for football with the ‘Super Sofa’

A special couch, built like a 4.80 meters long Pringles tube, to celebrate the passion for football. The sofa, itinerant, has made stops in London and Paris.

pringlesFor the true football fans, Pringles has the perfect setting to really enjoy a match: the Pringles Sofa, the first couch in the world in the shape of Pringles.

The six-seater sofa, built like a Pringles tube over 4.80 meters long and with a diameter of 1.40 meters, is equipped with all the amenities: support for water, soft drinks and Pringles, refrigerator with cold drinks, and an ergonomically perfect seat, naturally shaped like Pringles. The sofa is covered with a collage of the European flags, to remind everyone that the passion for football unites Europe.

The travelling Pringles Sofa visited London and then Paris on 9th June, offering moments of relaxation, mixed with fun, not only for the football the fans, but also for the tourists and inhabitants of the two cities.

The Pringles Sofa isn’t the only initiative with which the brand celebrates the passion for football: from 8th May to 4th June 2016, Pringles has also starred in an advertising campaign by Leo Burnett and planned by Carat on the theme of “not only you eat them, but you also turn on the game with Pringles“, where the main protagonist, as it usually happens with Pringles, are fun, friends and sharing.