UK – Gorilla delivers the world’s largest Lego ship to Trafalgar Square

UK – Gorilla delivers the world’s largest Lego ship to Trafalgar Square

Event specialists Gorilla Marketing & Events has been involved in another world record, this time installing the largest Lego ship ever built into Trafalgar Square on Guinness World Records Day, and in time for the opening of the new Lego store in Leicester Square, for Copenhagen based freight company DFDS.

legoAndy Gregorek, managing director of Gorilla Marketing & Events, commented, “We seem to be making something of a speciality of working on world record breaking projects. In this case, we had the idea of bringing the ship into Trafalgar Square. We had to ensure that the ship could be brought in quickly and safely and because we have worked on a number of events in Trafalgar Square previously, it was relatively straightforward.”

The ship, created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of DFDS in 2016, was built exclusively from a tonne of Lego bricks taking over 900 accumulated man-hours to complete. It is 12.035 metres long, 1.67 metres wide and weighs just under three tonnes and, since its completion, the ship has travelled over 2500 kilometres aboard its special truck.

“The ship really is an impressive project and we were delighted that our track record gave the client the confidence to task us to make sure that it arrived safely and was installed correctly. We have all played with Lego at some time so we were aware of how something of this scale needed to be handled appropriately,” concluded Gregorek.

Gorilla has previously worked on the largest monkey bar record at Rat Race Events’ Dirty Weekend race and the Buxton Water MTB trials records at Ride London.