UK – Enjoy a sleepover at the London Eye thanks to TripAdvisor

UK – Enjoy a sleepover at the London Eye thanks to TripAdvisor

For one night only, UK’s world-famous giant ferris wheel, The London Eye, will become a a pop-up hotel room for two lucky individuals.

tripadvisorMade possible through a partnership between destinations website TripAdvisor and home furnishings company Wayfair, the colossal tourist attraction will turn into a giant sleepover for winners of the “Eye Spy a Home in the Sky” competition.

The lucky winners will get the chance to witness London’s prestige destinations including the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Tower Bridge while inside a capsule decorated with the finest wooden furniture from Wayfair.

On March 30th, the Eye will reportedly be closed to the public by 6 p.m. The winner’s airborne boudoir will be set at the highest top of the attraction—a height of 443 feet (135 meters). After a scrumptious dinner, a bottle of champagne will be served in bed for the two lucky guests, while a specialized staff will chauffeur them in the evening.

Aside from the once-in-a-lifetime overnight stay inside the London Eye, winners will also be granted a further three-night stay in a nearby TripAdvisor property.