Your top 6 reasons to enter the Best Event Awards

Your top 6 reasons to enter the Best Event Awards

Still not yet sure if you should enter the Best Event ‎Awards?
Here is our pick of the top 6 reasons to help you make up your mind and enter the industry’s leading worldwide event award.

1) Be recognised as the best – gain business advantage. The Best Event Awards are your perfect chance to place your projects and company in the spotlight. If you are a nominee or – even better – a winner, you will obtain the quality stamp that will give you a business advantage.

2) Be acknowledged in front of an international Corporate Jury. The Bea World Jury panel is the only one in the event awards’ scene composed by representatives of top corporate companies with international responsibilities plus senior representatives of national event agencies’ associations. You can leverage this new business opportunity and perhaps your company will be chosen for their next event.

3) Choose a transparent, live, and face-to-face competition. Jurors will be required to explain the reason of the score assigned to each entry during the online voting and this information will be made available to the audience on request. Following a well-established and appreciated practice, nominees will have the opportunity to present their projects live in front of the Jury and the audience. A live Q/A session will follow the presentation.

4) Learn from your peers and competitors. As a unique opportunity, all Delegates will have the chance take part in the live presentations and personally learn from the most creative and productive solutions.

5) Get international media coverage. Trade journalists from several countries attend the Festival each year and wait eagerly for the winners announcement. They will assign the Press Award and will give all winners a broad international media coverage.

6) Expand your network. The Best Event Awards will be also a great chance to build relationships with peers, influencers, and possible clients, giving you more business opportunities and career advantages.

What are you waiting for? With entries closing on July 31st, you still have two weeks to work on your entries. Time to hurry up!

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Good luck!