The real power of live communication: for #eventprofs

The real power of live communication: for #eventprofs

After the sudden cancellation of Future of Events, which was all set to be a real breakthrough in European business events for #eventprofs, several initiatives appeared to have saved the idea, as well as the date. Most vivid of those was the initiative of the Live Com Magazine & Live Com Alliance – the Live.Meeting, which is to gather over 150 event professionals from all over Europe for a unique blend of compelling content and effective networking on August 22nd at the amazing industrial venue of the Kromhouthal.

«We know how hard it is to bring to life such an ambitious event as FOE2016. And whilst we are sure the true story will reveal itself eventually, now is not the time for recriminations. Now is the time to demonstrate the real power of live communication. Our initiative, the Live.Meeting is for all those who planned to attend the Future of Events or had any connection with it. We’d like to give people the opportunity to, at least partly, cover their loss and gain new connections, plus the experience and inspiration they were looking forward to. But of course the doors are open to everyone, who wants to join, you just need to register”, explains the initiative’s Nadia Makova, founder of the Live Communication Magazine.

«This will not be the usual industry echo chamber for old thoughts, hackneyed ideas and case histories we’ve all seen a hundred times before. It is not a place for sales pitches!  This will be true thought leadership from the best brains in the industry sharing a how-to guide in their particular specialty. We have challenged all of our speakers to cover their subject in 30 minutes, in order to allow time for questions and the all-important networking. Live. Meeting will be an event designed to create growth for all of those who attend», claims Kevin Jackson, editor-in-chief of LCM, founder of The Experience is The Marketing, one of the most influential people in the European events industry.

live meetingSpeakers at the Live.Meeting will cover such important topics as: networking, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurialism, sales & prospecting, ROI measurement, promotion and tech strategy development. Topics will be covered by recognised industry experts, including Simon Burton, Jason Allan Scott, Victor Neyndorff, Patrick Roubroeks, Jens Mayer and others.  The moderators of the event – well-known professionals from the BuzzMaster agency – promise to take it to the next level of audience engagement and interactivity.

«We are very grateful for all the support and interest we’ve gained from many people across Europe. The Dutch event industry took the initiative really positively and reached out by all partners bringing this to live. The event is totally free of charge, so it was crucial to receive massive support. Like from the Kromhouthal owners, who not only offered their amazing venue for the Live.Meeting, but also took on all the production of the event between themselves and their partners. Such people and companies really do move the industry forward and lead it to progress», says Maarten Schram, managing director of the IDEA, founder of LiveCom Alliance.


The initiative is powered by:

Live Communication Magazine (LCM)

IDEA (Independent Dutch Event Association)

LiveCom Alliance (LCA)

Media partners:,, ILEA UK,

Live.Meetign is taking place on Monday, August 22nd at the Kroumhouthal, Amsterdam. The attendance is free of charge. Preliminary registration is required.

To register for the event and get more info please follow the link

For any additional information please contact mailto:maarten@ideaonline.nlor