The November 20th Ceremony

The actual awards ceremony evening began around 7 p.m. The stage, elegant and striking, utilizing laser lights that shaded in warm tones, with orange and yellow as the masters, and the double lateral staircases that offered close and easy access, were unveiled the wide audience, with the first rows presenting the entire Eu Bea jury.

Behind this ‘world’ of events lay a population of 1,500 people, who intervened in order to know, understand, and celebrate the ‘best’ of the year, that counted 26, divided among 12 category awards, 8 awards for technical excellence and 5 special awards, with the European Best of the Year topping them all.

A demanding list, in other words, rhythmical, with professionalism and style, with the direction of the two presenters Petra and Paolo Manila, and ‘lightened’ by the laughs that the performance by the comedian Checco Zalone was able to earn from the audience, in spite of the impending awards.  Salvatore Sagone, the President of the ADC Agenzia Della Comunicazione, made a live announcement that Bea’s future will be a Festival, a two-day kermess at which anything could happen, including meetings, debates, performances, training, information, and awards. And the exhibition of the finalist projects that was set up for this year in order to welcome the guests of the Eu Bea anticipated this promise in many ways.