SPAIN – When vintage meets industrial by Google

SPAIN – When vintage meets industrial by Google

The agency Barcelonize combined two fashion styles for the 120 guests from Google under the theme “when vintage meets industrial”. At the BCN Nautic Centre, they recreated a vintage market with huge imperial tables as used in French villages, and organised various activities.

googleFor the “industrial part” of the event, the guests arrived at the port of Barcelona at 7pm, where they were served a glass of cava in a chill-out environment. From there, they were moved to the BCN Nautic Centre and greeted with decorated garlands, vinyl records, old cameras, books, old newspapers and five vintage-styled food trucks serving different types of food.

While the guests enjoyed their food, entertainment was also provided: live painting of a mural by a street artist; music from a soul/funk group and a photo booth. After the guests had finished their meal, the painted mural was turned around offering guests a graffiti workshop on the “clean” side.

On the following day, they were divided into four groups for cooking workshops around the city centre. They had to prepare traditional dishes like tapas, bread with tomato, paella, and the dessert crema catalana.

After enjoying the dishes they had prepared, a surprise awaited them. They were brought to the Estación de Francia, where a roaring 20s-themed café had been recreated: waiters dressed in costumes, modern Charleston and ragtime music mixes, and projection of black and white films.

The surprise? The company bosses were behind the bars and served cocktails to the staff. To end the event, there was a “cocktail war” where the teams used the ingredients available at the bar to make the best cocktail they could think of.