SPAIN – The adventurous challenge ´Ibis Expedition´ comes with an event

SPAIN – The adventurous challenge ´Ibis Expedition´ comes with an event

With this challenge Accor has decided to communicate the benefits of their beds. A transmedia action that has led the chain to organize a real expedition led by adventurer Aaron Chervenak along with his production team and with the aim of climbing the Mount Roraima with a Sweet Bed.

The adventures and development of the expedition can be followed through , where visitors can learn more from each of the adventurers, interviews, unusual scenes, the full video of the days of trip (recorded with multi-cameras where the surfer can choose the viewing angle and even a 360º view from the summit of Mount Roraima, getting a very real experience for the adventure almost firsthand).

This idea is the one that moved the launch event held last week at the Ibis Madrid Centro. An event for press and bloggers with the intention to present the campaign and the expedition. Days earlier guests received a teaser video accompanying the invitation: a trailer with the most impressive moments of the adventure.

The day of the event, the hotel became a piece of Mount Roraima: tents, adventurous environment in catering and a press pack that was all a real survival kit. Upon arrival attendees were able to enter one of the tents and test the Sweet Bed of Ibis, take pictures lying on it and at the end of the event receive the photo printed and with a surprise: the background of the photo was none other than the stunning views from Devil´s Mountain.