SPAIN – Telefónica Mobile Conference: a huge ‘hybrid’ success

Móvil Forum Conference is the leading conference in corporate innovation and mobility for companies and administrations. The top sector firms present their latest developments each year at this major event, whose latest edition took place on 28th and 29th November in Valladolid.
Móvil Forum Conference is an initiative by Telefónica to transfer the market’s best ICT solutions to corporations. The Movilforum community is made up of leading technology partners in the ICT world, with more than 120 participating companies in Spain alone, as well as thousands of associates.

For Móvil Forum Conference 2011, Telefónica invited the trade public to ‘submerge itself’ following the slogan ‘We don’t follow the path, we trace it. We talk about innovation‘, for two days in the world of mobility at the hands of great speakers such as David Kirkpatrick, Fons Trompenaars and Kevin Mitnick, and discover the new developments offered by technology firms such as RIM, Juniper, Nokia & Microsoft and Apple, as well as Google, Akamai, Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola and Samsung, among many others.
The Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes was divided by the company Magrada into three areas using tensile structures. In the same way the reception and an interactive and technologic space were created for the sponsors.

However the real location for the event was the entire city of Valladolid, with many satellite activities everywhere, for example, in the Millennium Dome, where a gala dinner was held for sponsors, exhibitors and speakers, or the historical centre, which hosted media and bloggers.  

One of the main successful features of the event was its presence on the Web, as the conference could be followed on Twitter, and users could download highlights and press kits from the official website
As a result, more than 2000 messages were shared on the social network, the profile reached more than 1,4 million followers and the videos posted on the Web had almost 9.000 downloads. Acceso calculated that among press, radio, tv and online contacts the event reached more than 35 million people. 

For the first time in Móvil Forum Conference history, two events, in Madrid and Barcelona, were held before the show. They were named Jornadas de Movilidad Corporativa and they were a preparation and introduction for the event in Valladolid.