SPAIN – A refuge in the snow to enjoy Cutty Sark

SPAIN – A refuge in the snow to enjoy Cutty Sark

With the idea of offering a different winter experience, Cutty Sark, with the help of agency Drinks Marketing, set up the Secret Winter Club, a shelter hidden in the Valley of Aran and the perfect place to taste its Winter Cocktails.

cuttysarkThe brand launched the initiative on social networks and twelve lucky people, who were good enough to solve the clues given online, were chosen to live for three days an adventure in the snow.

After arriving at the AVE station in Lerida, they headed to a destination hidden in the mountains of the Aran Valley, “Banhs de Tredos”, which can only be accessed on snowmobiles. Once they reached this winter refuge, they found out that a party in an igloo was waiting for them in the middle of the snowy mountains. Here they had the chance to discover and taste the Winter Cocktails: bartender Israel Cordero explained the properties of Cutty Sark whiskey, daring with hot drinks and ingredients like honey, chestnuts, mandarins or cinnamon to serve winter and mountainous combinations such as Sunrise Mountain, Backcountry , Rock & Snow. The gastronomic part, very centered on typical products of the area, was also accompanied by Cutty Sark with the help of the chef Rodrigo Nocito.

The experience was completed during the day with adventurous activities such as ski and snow sessions by local riders, and a mountain bike rafting trip, which made use of the orientation of the participants to discover an authentic shepherd’s hut, where they enjoyed a tasting of Cutty Sark in the middle of the forest.