SPAIN – Nespresso launched Pixie in Madrid, by Box de Ideas


The event took place as expected. At 20:00 pm doors opened and audience started to arrive. The entrance, lighted with a led path and decorated with corporate balloons, was opened with the presence of numerous guests, among them the special appearance of Aitana Sánchez Gijón, the mistress of ceremony. Once inside, the guests were accredited and were welcomed with a drink. During the reception, the guests stayed at the welcome area, a plainly black decoration that involves the guests into a mysterious and expected scene that was going to happen. Something was in the air, but nothing was revealed until 21:00 pm when the access to a new area was opened. White illuminated furniture was settled among the lounge, where the NESPRESSO launch show was going to take place.


The show, specifically designed for the occasion, started with a percussion acting performed by Toom-Pak, in which fifteen artists began the show taking off from the floor and offering an extraordinary aerial percussion performance. Once the public has given up on the show, La Fura dels Baus opened its performance with the presence of seventy artists, offering a dynamic show combining air, light, sound and colorful projections all over the stage. Each acting took place through a different location over the stage, so the energy flowing involved the public within the whole performance. The stage was dominated by a huge screen in which were projected stunning and corporative images that reinforced the show. 

BOXDEIDEAS-NESPRESSO PIXIE (1).JPGPIXIE, the new NESPRESSO coffee machine, was symbolically born inside the two swimming pools that dominated the hole stage. The scene staged the evolution growing of the machine till it reached the metaphoric maturity. In that precise instant, an angel carried PIXIE to heaven on earth, offered as a present to the audience. To end with the main show, a human net formed by 42 people was built over the public while a soprano delighted the audience with an exquisite repertoire of melodies. After that explosive ending by La Fura dels Baus, Toom-Pak appeared in scene to end the show as spectacular tandem. The scenography started with an aerial percussionist show using instruments made with recycled materials. The amazing choreography broke up into sparkles and flames.


PIXIE was just born and the audience returned to the welcome area where PIXIE coffee machine where placed, full of products in order to give the guests the chance of admirating its new design and its shiny variety of colors. At that time, the guests started to enjoy the catering service while the DJ came to scene to make the evening even more enjoyable.