SPAIN – Mexico came alive in the Palacio de Cibeles with a videomapping

SPAIN – Mexico came alive in the Palacio de Cibeles with a videomapping

The last edition of Fitur has brought us some parallels events to show us how the promotion of tourism in a region and a country brand jumps beyond the fair booths and looks to break into the heart of the city. An example of this is the event that was held at the glass gallery of Cibeles Palace.

The Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Board of Mexico organized an event for 500 businessmen, journalists and both Mexican and Spanish officials to present the campaign to promote tourism in the country, “Mexico, Live it to Believe“. A collection of several spots and outer support campaign pieces that have been seen in Madrid for several days covering the facades of the buildings and most central points of the capital.

But the novelty of this campaign was unveiled at the Cibeles Palace and for this the CREA agency, responsible for the creative design of the event, relied on Mapp3d Productions to produce this special appointment.

The event began with a ceremonial part on a stage area where authorities made ??the official presentation of the promotional campaign videos. To do this, they had a really large ally: a led display of 8×4,5 meters.

Following this presentation the audience went to the videomapping area where they tasted a cocktail based in Mexican and Spanish culinary specialties surrounded of a lounge type atmosphere with white decor.

Taking advantage of the more relaxed atmosphere was revealed hitherto hidden structure projection to start the seven minutes videomapping.