SPAIN – Iberia Express deploys technology and creativity to fly without taking off

SPAIN – Iberia Express deploys technology and creativity to fly without taking off

Express Experience has been the event for the airline to celebrate its third anniversary, reaching the figure of 10 million passengers and have been awarded the most punctual low cost airline. To commemorate this triplet of good news, they decided to operate a virtual flight between Madrid and Tenerife, with the help of Creative Technology Newmedia Studio and Christie.

iberiaThe departure terminal of this particular flight was the geodesic dome located in Ciudad Universitaria. Outside, a panel simulating the gate and stating the time and destination of the flight. The guests were received as arriving at an airport and taken to the dome through a glazed tunnel pretending to be the fuselage of an aircraft company. Once inside and accommodated in their seats, the unit staff taught the usual safety recommendations on all flights.

Inside the dome a life-size part of the structure of an Airbus A320 was recreated, with the aircraft company logo. Mounted on a platform that had a vibration system for sub-bass, 90 real seats donated by Iberia Express gave life to this plane.

Using a vibration system in sync with the projection of images in 360 degrees, the feeling among participants that the device was moving and taking off was generated. Once on “air”, after the classic greeting and indications of the flight captain, Tenerife images were projected, as well as an audiovisual production with the history and achievements of Iberia Express during these three years. Through a complex management of real and computer-generated images, the audience was able to recreate the feeling of being inside a real flight.