SPAIN – First mapping show accessible to disabled people

SPAIN – First mapping show accessible to disabled people

Acciona Producciones y Diseño, with the help Fuengirola Town Hall and sponsored by Vodafone, has covered the history of the city on 2-4th January with an audiovisual show, “The current and medieval Fuengirola“, which was part of the cycle of events ‘The Legacy of the Catholic Kings‘. The Town Hall Square has been the scene of this pioneering show in Spain because its content was made accessible to disabled people. In addition, the show has been the first example of mapping in the province of Malaga.


Acciona Producciones y Diseño designed on the facade 3D images, with music and special effects, using the technique of mapping, so that the public could take a trip back in time from the Middle Ages to a Fuengirola more cosmopolitan.


For the first time for a show of this type, blind people have been able to download for free a mobile application that offered a detailed audio description of what was being projected onto the facade of the building. Deaf people, on the other hand, had a reserved space near the sound system so that they could feel the intensity of the original soundtrack accompanying images. In addition, preferential reserved space in the audience for people with physical disabilities was added.

Projects such as those developed by the municipality of Fuengirola are part of what Acciona Producciones y Diseño calls ‘Cultural Engineering‘, a concept that consists in using visual and sensory technology for the transmission of the history, tradition and values of a city in order to enhance their touristic interest.